Most people don’t pay attention to their roofs and realize that they often need help. “What kind of help” you ask? Ventilation and gutters are key components to helping a roof do its job. If your roof if is not venting the attic properly it can lead to premature roof damage. A poorly vented attic can lead to poor air quality in the house – giving way to the potential growth of mold!

Properly draining gutters are equally important to attic ventilation. It’s important to get rain water away from your foundation. We all know how expensive foundation repairs can get. Let us help your roof keep you and your home, safe from the elements.

In addition to those services, we also offer skylight replacement, removal, and repair. No matter what style or brand of skylight you have, we can help!

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What We Do

  • Install and Repair Skylights – Skylights are also a very common leak point on a roof. No problem. Whether you want us to install a new skylight, or fix the old one, we can do it. We install all styles of Velux brand skylights; including tube lights.
  • Repair, Clean, and Install Gutter Guards – Gutters are the next step after the roof in shedding water away from your house. Allow us to help maintain or repair your gutters to keep them in proper working condition. We can install gutter guards to make your gutters virtually maintenance-free.
  • Attic Ventilation – Many roofs suffer because of poor attic ventilation. Have us over to assess the airflow in your attic to make sure your roof won’t prematurely deteriorate. We install power vents, solar vents, ridge vents, cap vents, soffit vents, and bathroom fan vents.

Higher Ground Roofing is licensed, bonded and insured with 15+ years’ experience in ALL things roofing! You can rely on us to give you a quality experience from beginning to end. We want to be your expert roofing company for years to come!