Why Not You?: How Misty Wilson Discovered Her Purpose Through AMA Triangle

By Jasmine Matthews

Posted @ Mar 08, 2023

Byline: Jasmine Matthews

Misty Wilson, a successful marketer and entrepreneur, is known for her bright and outgoing personality — and exceptional networking skills. But, like many of us, she has struggled with the internal noise and limiting beliefs that kept her from seeing herself as a leader.

In fact, 10 years ago, she didn’t see herself as a person in charge, aiming instead to climb the ranks to reach the title of Chief Marketing Officer rather than a CEO. 

It wasn’t until Misty joined AMA Triangle that she found the confidence to break through those barriers and dare to see herself in a different light.

Why Not?

It all started with a question. When Misty joined AMA Triangle, she hit the ground running, quickly establishing a name for herself as someone who could make real change and impact. When she noticed a gap in mentoring opportunities, she created and led the CONNECT & INSPIRE Mentorship Program which has connected hundreds of marketers in the years since. When she noticed a significant lack of representation, she set and achieved a goal of not only increasing diversity – but amplifying the visibility of the wide variety of backgrounds in the industry and organizations. Spoiler alert — AMA Voices would later become yet another brainchild of hers.

Yet, when 2019-2020 Past President, Tracy Russel-Beck, approached Misty with the opportunity to become President-Elect and subsequently the 2020-2021 President of AMA Triangle, Misty’s response was, “Why?” Despite all that she had accomplished and a fire to create and build impactful spaces for everyone in her path, she still hadn’t been able to see herself in that capacity. 

What happened next was the single most pivotal moment in shaping Misty’s perspective and allowing her to see what she was truly capable of.

Tracy asked, “Why Not?”

That single question from another accomplished woman leader helped her to question her limits and expand her possibilities.

And from that point on, Misty faced life’s opportunities with that important perspective cemented in her mind — jumpstarting her ascent in leadership and entrepreneurship, and breaking proverbial glass ceilings. 

Finding Purpose

Misty’s experiences with AMA Triangle not only gave her the confidence to be a leader, but also helped her discover her life’s calling: creating more diverse, equitable, and inclusive spaces and workplaces for all humans.

AMA provided her with a platform to set her purpose in motion, and through her experiences, she learned the importance of representation. Through establishing the CONNECT & INSPIRE Mentorship Program, Misty tested her theory that seeing diverse participation is essential in attracting more BIPOC marketers to the industry organization. As her theory proved successful, it fueled her passion for DEI in marketing even more.

Soon after, when she became the first Black AMA Triangle President-Elect during the George Floyd protests, she felt the weight of responsibility on her shoulders. It was time to speak out and take action. AMA  gave Misty the space and support to show up for causes that meant something to her and the greater good — and do the actual work to affect change not only in the Triangle community, but on a national level.

Call to Action

Misty’s experiences serve as a reminder that participating in organizations like AMA Triangle can provide a platform to pursue passion, inspire action, and develop valuable skills that can help take your vision to the next level. 

Her accomplishments as the President of AMA Triangle, Founder & CEO of Grits & Glam Millinery Boutique, CMO of Dexter Lilly Marketing, and spearheading a national DEI program are just a few examples of a journey made possible by building her network, community support, and sharpening her tool belt through experience.

For aspiring leaders and professional marketers, this is a call to action to seek out more opportunities for growth, development, leadership, and learning. You never know where you’ll end up in your career – and in life.

With the right mindset and support, anything is possible.

About Misty Wilson

Misty is a visionary leader with a talent for building and creating brands that foster inclusivity and meaningful relationships. With 24 years of leadership experience, 17 years in digital marketing and PR, and 10 years of expertise in diversity, equity, and inclusion, Misty is a master of strategic thinking and thought leadership. Her passion for data-centric marketing through a DEI lens is not only driving her success, but also represents the future of marketing. In recognition of her influence and innovation, Misty was honored in April 2021 as one of the “Top 50 Black Marketers on the Rise.” 

As the Founder & CEO of Dexter Lilly Marketing, Misty continues to make waves in the industry and inspire the next generation of marketers.

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