5 Steps to Make the Most of Your Networking Event: What to Do After

By AMA Triangle

Posted @ Mar 08, 2023

5 Steps to Make the Most of Your Networking Event: What to Do After

Metadescription: Make the most of your networking event with these 5 post-event steps! Learn what to do after a networking event to ensure success and build relationships.

Knowing what to do after a networking event is just as important as knowing how to network during one. 

After all the small talk has been made and the event has ended, there are five things you should do after a networking event. 

With these tips in hand (or pocket.), you’ll never be left wondering what to do after another networking event again.

Step 1: Connect with People You Met

After any networking event, it is important to connect with those you met in order to continue your conversation and build your network. 

Ways you can follow up with people after the event

Connect with them on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for networking and connecting with professionals. When you meet someone at a networking event, send them a connection request on LinkedIn as soon as possible. Be sure to include a short note with your request to remind them of who you are and how you met.  

This will help you stand out in the minds of your contacts and give them the opportunity to gain insight into your background.

Send them an email

If you have their email address after meeting someone at an event, send them an email thanking them for their time and expressing interest in staying connected with them going forward. 

If you don’t have their email and they’re not on LinkedIn, try locating their contact information on their company website. You can also ask other event attendees if they know the person and would be willing to share their email.

Step 2: Comment About the Event on Social Media

If there are any social media posts made about the networking event by its organizers or other attendees, comment on them. Thank everyone involved for organizing it. Express how much fun it was to attend. 

You can also tag anyone whose name/profile picture appears in these posts if applicable. This will let those people know that not only did they attend but that they were noticed too. 

Additionally, sharing these posts on your own social media accounts shows appreciation while helping spread awareness of future events like this one.

Step 3: Post on Your Own Social Media

Showing appreciation for the event is a great way to build relationships after a networking event. Expressing gratitude for the occasion is a wonderful method to cultivate connections after a networking event, so here are some strategies that can help you do this.

On your LinkedIn profile, post something about your experience at the networking event and tag whoever was responsible for organizing it. 

This will not only thank them publicly but also make you stand out and spread awareness of their work and efforts within your network of connections.

Step 4: Sign Up for The Next Event

Sign up for the next event as soon as you see it available. This action will be much appreciated by the organizers who work so hard to get people to attend. 

Plus, an immediate signup will make you stand out in the crowd. For bonus points, aka to make organizers appreciate you even more, bring a friend or colleague who could benefit from attending the event.

Step 5: Stay in Regular Contact with Contacts

Following up regularly with contacts after a networking event is essential in order to maintain relationships and stay connected. Doing this will help ensure that your contacts remember you and will be more likely to reach out when they need assistance or advice in the future.

Once a month or so, reach out to those contacts. Try any of the following:

  • Message them on LinkedIn with a relevant article or life or job update.
  • Email them asking how they are and if you can help them with anything.
  • Tag them on relevant social media posts, such as industry news and updates.
  • Email or message them on social media asking if they’re attending the next event and that you hope to see them there. 

Recap of What to Do After a Networking Event

Networking gatherings present a remarkable opportunity to connect with others and broaden your professional circle. After the event, it’s important to take action and nurture your relationship with the contacts you made. 

Connecting on LinkedIn, sending emails, thanking the organization for hosting, tagging them on social media posts, and signing up for future events are all great ways to keep in touch with those you met at the event. Doing these things will help ensure that your connections remain strong long after the event is over.

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